Picture Guide

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Please keep in mind these considerations, if you plan to build your VGK with your own pictures.

For Granite colors:

Good quality picture are better. (2 MB resolution)

Picture of the entirely slab with good light conditions and depicting
the color and texture as real as possible.

Avoid flash reflections.

For flooring colors:

Organize at least 4 tiles just like you see it in the picture.

Rotate the tiles, so the veins or texture stay on different directions.
It would make the final composition more realistic.

Use a tripod and from certain distance shoot the pictures, so the tiles look completely square.

For Backsplash:

Arrange a surface with sections of the original backsplash composition or pattern

Take a picture from a backsplash already installed.

Get a front view of the backsplash just like this image.

Take a picture depicting the texture of the back splash

If the backsplash include any kind of design; show it in your picture
with the rest of the composition.

Avoid excessive lighting and strong shadows
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