What is VGK?

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Virtual Granite Kitchen is a great on-line tool, created specifically for granite and marble distributors.

When customers are shopping for granite counter tops, one of the most important aspects your customers will consider, is how their invested money will look in one of the busiest rooms of their homes; the kitchen.  Virtual Granite Kitchen is a good tool to help your customers to make a satisfactory decision before they chose the right granite color. 

Your customers will be able to play with the granite's textures, colors & finished surfaces.  All at same time, they can have a better idea about the granite countertop colors already in their kitchens i.e. color of walls, cabinets, appliances and floors.

Virtual Granite Kitchen becomes an excellent tool in your website by helping your customers see the finished product for themselves and therefore make a more confident decision when it comes to purchasing granite countertops for their kitchens.

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